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“5k+ Just Arrived.”

5k+ Just Arrived. It looks good, but I have an issue with my glasses
When I got home today, I was rather surprised to find a package sitting at my door. I was even more surprised to discover it was my Pimax, since I hadn’t received any warning or tracking number. Still, I’m more than happy to have it and the timing is a little apropos.

I haven’t gotten a chance to try it yet, since I haven’t gotten around to upgrading my graphics card, though I am tempted to see how badly it destroys my 970. Opening the box was a pleasant experience with everything nicely packed and padded, but still easy to access. I saw one forum comment mention loose parts, but that doesn’t seem to be an issue here.

The only disappointment came when I actually held it up to my face. During the NYC backer meetup I noticed that the lenses pressed into the sides of my glasses, making it very uncomfortable to wear both the headset and my glasses at the same time. I mentioned this to the staff (I’m sorry, I’m terrible with names) and they took note of it. I was hoping they would have done something about it, but I can hear the frames of my glasses tapping against the lenses before the pad even makes contact with my skin.

This is a problem. It might be less of an issue if the headset shipped with a much thicker pad or those prescription lens inserts we’re supposed to get, but as it stands I can’t really wear the thing and get a clear picture.

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