How to set up the Pimax 8KX

Take your 8KX out of the box. Are you ready for it? Let’s follow the directions below for additional guidance.

Before setup

You are going to need these…

  • Original package: a headset, a 4.5m cable, 2 controllers, and 2 base stations
  • PC configuration: Windows 10, Nvidia graphics card RTX 2080 or above
  • Pimax store, downloaded and login details ready
  • High-speed internet

Here is what you need. Take out your original package from Pimax. It includes a headset, and a 4.5m cable, … Don’t forget to get your controllers charged. Next, check your PC configuration. It should be a Windows 10 and we recommend an Nvidia graphics card RTX 2080 or above if you want to get a native mode. Then, you should connect to high-speed internet to get a better VR experience. Now, all we need to do is download the new integrated Pimax store software which includes Pitool, supporting all past and future Pimax headsets.

Initial setup

Follow the steps to move on… 

  • Connect your headset to your computer
    • Power and USB cables connected
    • Connect DP cable
  • Room setup
    • Install base stations
    • Choose the positioning way of the headset
  • Choose your controllers type
    • Parameter settings
      • Tracking Mode: Lighthouse
      • Light Bar: On
      • Panel Mode: Native
      • Refresh Rate: 75 Hz
      • Backlight: 100
      • Horizontal IPD Offset: 0

Here we go! Go to the My Device Page of the Pimax store. Click the icon below My Devices in the bottom left corner to enter the next page. Click on the guidance and follow the instruction by the system. First, you should connect your headset to the computer. Plug the DisplayPort, USB cables into your computer. Next, we come to the room setting to check if we get the base stations and controllers done. Choose the controller type in the options. When you complete the connection, you will see the green light. The two base stations should be placed opposite each other, preferably diagonally no more than 10m. Then, all you need to do is following the default setting with a click.

Headset fit and focus

Put on your material and Go! Go!

  • Wear the headset
    • Turn the rear fit wheel to tighten or loosen
    • Strain the head strap
  • Adjust the IPD
    • Rotate the IPD gear
    • Adjust the IPD offset

Keep moving! Safely place your headset with face foam on your head and rotate the knob in the back to tighten or loosen your 8KX until the headset fits comfortably and securely around your head. Strain the head strap. You can also adjust the IPD by rotating the gear at the right bottom of the headset, or you can adjust the IPD offset on the Parameter setting page.

A glimpse of the Pimax Store

Under the Store, you can find games and the latest activities. Move to My Asset, you can find all your game in it. My Account lists account, orders, reviews and redeem code information. The setting allows you to get the basic setting like version updates, language preferences, and so on. Help is where you can find us.

If you’re still having trouble with setting up your 8KX, you are welcome to contact Pimax support and submit a ticket for additional assistance.

Here are some tips for keeping it safe and in good condition:

  • It’s important that you keep direct sunlight away from the headset – the sun’s rays can cause permanent damage to the front part of the headset, the lenses, and the screen inside.
  • Don’t place your 8KX near a window or anywhere direct sunlight can hit the lens.

Be careful of your 8KX to protect it from scratches when storing, traveling or something else.

To clean the faceplate and lenses, use a cleaning cloth or a dry optical lens microfiber cloth. Don’t use liquid or chemical cleansers.

Thanks for your time and hopefully this article can help you.