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Where is my Headset…
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Where is my Headset???

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I paid for my Crystal headset, in full, on July 3rd as soon as they told me it was ready for shipping. After Pimax confirmed receipt of payment I was told there was a delay (unknown reason). My friend who ordered on the same day received his within 7 days but I heard nothing of mine. On August 8th I was told it was ready for shipping and given a shipping number. It was sent to the local Fedex facility in Nanchang on August 10th and it has been there ever since. Trying to get in touch with Fedex is soul destroying because all you get is a virtual assistant who just sends you in circles. I was given a telephone number to call but this will not connect.

I have tried and tried to contact Pimax but nobody is replying to any of my emails. I cannot raise a ticket with customer services as I don’t have all the details of my headset and if all boxes are not filled it will not send the message.

Has anyone got any idea’s as all I want now is my money back. Even at 2.00 in the morning all I get from Pimax is “sorry, we are away at the moment”.

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Pimax lies. I was told my headset would ship last week. Still waiting for any shipping details. I wish I knew what a bad company this was before I parted with soo much money to them. They are selling on Amazon who ship within days but can’t ship oprders made from their own website ? “Ready for shipping” and “Be patient” my backside ! Don’t sell what you can’t deliver. Going to be asking for a refund myself.

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Try reaching out to Pimax through various communication channels. In addition to email, look for contact information on their official website or social media accounts. Some companies are more responsive through certain channels, so it’s worth exploring multiple options. If you’re not receiving a satisfactory response from Pimax, consider escalating the issue. You can try contacting your payment provider (e.g., credit card company) to inquire about a chargeback if you paid by credit card. They may be able to assist you in recovering your funds.