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Compatibilité des GPU PIMAX Crystal AMD ?

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Please don’t bury this legitimate question/concern.  When can we get official concrete announcement from PIMAX that clearly states the compatibility of PIMAX Crystal with AMD GPUs?

Is it?  Is it not?  If it is, any known limitations?  If it’s not, is that a permanent situation?

Je pense que les nombreux propriétaires de GPU AMD auraient intérêt à ce que cette information soit annoncée officiellement par PIMAX.


Mark Averett a réagi
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Salut AoiCider,

Some AMD graphics card models are now confirmed to be supported on Crystal.
cards that have passed the test so far include: 5700xt/6700xt/6950xt.
Other models we are still in testing.
At this stage still recommend the use of nv’s 3070 and above graphics cards (3090ti is not recommended)