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Crystal awarded in the CES 2024 Innovation Awards

The Pimax Crystal, demo as a prototype at CES2023, will be again at CES 2024, now as full feature complete. Meanwhile, the Crystal was awarded the CES 2024 Innovation Awards as an Honoree in the “XR Technologies & Accessories” category. This year, the Crystal is the only award-winning VR headset at the awards.

The entry reads:
“The Pimax Crystal is the highest clarity of consumer VR now: The First VR headset with glass aspheric lenses (this is also why it’s named Crystal); highest pixel amount for any consumer VR headset with 2880×2880 pixels per eye (native not upscaled resolution even at 120Hz); QLED + MiniLED panels with local dimming.

The Crystal can do both standalone as well as PCVR, has inside-out tracking, plus comes with eye-tracking that enables Dynamic Foveated Rendering on the software client level, which means compatibility with nearly all VR games. (The Crystal is modular so more options are available.)”

Click here to watch a full teardown of the Pimax Crystal:

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