Pimax Progress Update - June 17

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Pimax Progress Update - June 17

Today in our Progress Update:

  • New PimaxPlay update
  • Shipping update
  • Crystal Super micro-OLED sneak peek
  • Roadshow agenda
  • AMA

Pimax Progress Updates is our bi-weekly column in which we share important bits for Pimaxians. For questions or comments, reach out to a Pimax representative on Discord, or contact us via our support page.

New Pimax Play update

Pimax Play 1.20.01 is out. The most important new features are:

  • There's now a prompt when you leave the safety zone
  • Improved tracking performance for the Crystal Light
  • Further stability and algorithm improvements

You'll find the full patch notes in Pimax Play.

Plus, the Crystal Light now has a feature that lets you control your PC in VR. Now it's easy to watch movies inside your headset (just open a media player or YouTube), or browse between forums. See the demo here.

About shipping and why we have these setbacks

All Crystal Lights pre-ordered before May 16 have been shipped, with the exception of Australia and New Zealand. For a more detailed look, go to this page.
This page will be kept updated over time. If your headset should have shipped, but hasn't, please email to support@pimax.com and we'll look into it.
In a video message, we explain how Pimax tries to break technological barriers and runs into setbacks along the road. Also we explain why many shipments of the Crystal Light will see some delay, from one to several weeks (local dimming version) to longer delays (non-local dimming version).

Crystal Super micro-OLED sneak peek

(More in the video, watch until the end.)


Roadshow agenda

We've gone to Germany, the Netherlands, France, the UK, and now we're in the US, giving people their first experience of the Pimax Crystal Light. Both the European Roadshow is still underway:

  • Austria, June 21st
  • Milan, June 22nd
  • New York, June 18th
  • Las Vegas, June 21st to 23rd (last two days is the Flight Sim Expo)

Keep an eye on the page as more events may be added.


Any questions about the shipment or versions of the Pimax Crystal Light? Head over to our Discord. Wednesday 19th, 11:00 AM CEST.
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