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Head rotation causes lateral movement

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I researched the Crystal at length before my purchase and I never heard of this problem…

Platform: Crystal, firmware 1.16 (Sept 13)

Software: Windows 11, Pimax client, Pimax XR, Open XR Toolkit, OpenCompsite, MS Flighsim 2020

Problem: when rotating my head (up/down or left/right) I can clearly see my view shifting laterally in MSFS.

Example: when I look to the left, my view in game looks left (good) but also moves slightly to the left (bad).

This breaks the immersion because this perceived movement does not correspond with my actual head, which is stationary but rotating.

I think this is caused by the inside-out tracking taking cues from the external cameras on the Crystal, which are several centimeters forward of my actual eyes. So turning my head does technically move the tracking cameras laterally, even though my head only rotates.

I am still testing other games, but in MSFS it is quite noticeable.

QUESTION: Has anyone else noticed this problem? Also, is there calibration process or a setting that can account for the offset of the tracking cameras relative to the user’s eye position to eliminate/minimize this adverse lateral movement effect?