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Pimax adjustment guide (including software IPD)

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The article is written by VR enthusiast “Looking4” and has been authorized to share.

Dear VR community,

in my opinion Pimax is offering one of the best headset on the market. Today the Pimax 8kx DMAS pushes VR to an extreme level and they went to go even further. Unfortunately some users struggle with image quality and a suboptimal view. But it’s not a failure in hardware, it depends on going to the limits. You have to adjust the headset in the right way to achieve the greatest VR experience you can get right now.

Pimax is offering an unique feature in VR called: Software IPD offset. This feature is very important for correcting the optical image projection for your own head and eyes. I believe every user can achieve a distortion free sharp image and comfortable natural view with a Pimax 8kx.

In order to support other users to get familiar with setting options much easier, I wrote a detailed Pimax adjustment guide. Practical knowledge from other users of this guide shows, it’s fun to see all the little steps leading to such a great effect.

You can download the English version here:
Pimax adjustment guide

You can download the German version here:
Pimax Anleitung zum Einrichten der VR Brille

Have fun,

Posted : 19/09/2022 4:20 pm