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Pimax 5k firmware update issue.

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Hello everyone.


I have strange issue with my 5k headset. Whenever i try to update my headset firmware to new version is not detected enymore.

It started with automatic update of firmware of the headset, otherwise I would not know about the problem.

Headset works on only one old frmware without any problem. The issue is that if there is an PiTool update it updates hedset firmware automatically , basically killing it instantly and the LED-s are all colours at once . Then I have to flash old firmware manually to fix it. I have try to flash all new firmware versions with no luck. It is like none of them works. I am fighting with it like a year or so. I have no idea how it can be possible. I tought, maybe cable, but than why it works on old firmware without a problem? Are there any significant advantages in new frimware? I have try to contact pimax but they just completely ignore me just because I bought headset used.


Anyone had similar issue and was successful in fixing it?

PS. Different USB ports graphic cards or computer all checked, same resault.

Posted : 08/12/2022 4:41 am
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Hi gilford,

Given your situation you can go back to an earlier version of Pitool.

If it doesn’t resolve the issue, we suggest you to log a ticket at our helpdesk.

Our technician is ready to provide assistance to you.


Posted : 08/12/2022 10:11 am