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Minimum video card for 5K super and 8K

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Hello guys! To see only video in vr 180 degrees, what is the minimum card for 5k super and 8k? Forgive me for the translation, but I'm Italian. P.s. Can Pimax work whitout base station?


Posted : 24/09/2022 11:49 pm
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Hi Abile89,

The minimum graphics card for the 5k super is a GTX 1060 (6GB), for the 8k series the requirements are different for different models and versions, you can see the details in our product section.

The Pimax headset can of course be used without the base station, to do this you can switch to 9-axis mode. Most games today require the use of base stations for positioning purposes in order to pursue a better gaming experience and VR immersion. That is an important reason why we recommend our customers to use the base stations with headsets.

Hope these will help you!


Pimax Support

Posted : 27/09/2022 6:12 pm