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8KX display issue with multi monitor PC. Any solution?

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My 8KX HMD fails to connect display port (error 10932)  when 3 monitors are connected (DP, DP, HDMI) to the PC.  (the only video board the pc has is RTX 3080)

Disconnecting a HDMI monitor from the PC solves this problem, but it's too annoying and sometime freezes the PC (oftenly when changing monitor connections)


Is there any solution for this? Should I add another video board or something?


Posted : 27/12/2022 1:09 pm
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Hi Kafuji,

First you can try to disable the integrated graphics card (you need to do this in the BIOS), we generally recommend that users only connect one monitor device, you don't need to disconnect the extra display, just disable it in the Nvidia control panel.

If you couldn’t resolve the issue, you may need to submit a ticket to our helpdesk.
Our technician is ready to provide a thorough troubleshooting to address the issue.

Creating a ticket here:

Submit a ticket : Pimax Support



Posted : 28/12/2022 2:41 pm
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I have 4 monitors hooked up + 8kx, and wireless Vive Pro 2.

The best work-around that I have not shared is as follows:   It doesn't seem like anyone had a fix.

What I did was purchase a HDMI to USB adapter.  This was plugged into my 4th monitor.

The three monitors that I have hooked up to my video card, are with display port and HDMI. The three monitors are also using Nvidia surround mode.

In Windows display settings what you need to do is display the screen only on the 4th monitor.  (so in my case, show only on second display)  This turns off the 3 Nvidia Surround monitors, allowing me to use the 8kx, and 4th monitor at the same time.   (as mentioned above, the 4th monitor is hooked up to HDMI-USB adapter)

This works flawless.  I'm not certain if you can still achieve this with only 3 monitors, especially if you use surround mode.  However, buy a cheap used 4th monitor for a few bucks to use this method.

Posted : 01/01/2023 6:37 am
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Adding another cheap video card should also solve this problem, and it's more reliable than using USB to HDMI adapter.

Posted : 09/02/2023 10:29 pm