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We need more concrete information on 12k qled trade

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It's been a year now for me. I bought the 8kx purely to get a 12k qled on release day. Is there anything concrete info on when we can start pre orders?  Also how would we know its available? Do we just sit here and hope to god an email pops up some day.. is there going to be a web page for pre orders?  So far iam completely in the dark. Rumors don't help as most are B.S. . Anyone else find them selves in this position?

Come on pimax I belive in you , but don't leave us hanging

Posted : 01/11/2022 9:03 pm
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Thank you for your strong support to Pimax.

At present, Pimax 12K has not been pre-sold. For the release information of PIMAX 12K, you can follow the link on our official website: https://pimax.com/pimax-12k/

There will also be posts on our OpenMR forum and Reddit community, which you can follow as well.


Posted : 02/11/2022 10:13 am