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Pimax Crystal WIDE FOV lenses nothing ever sent? When will they ship? Is this real?

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Has anyone got their wide FOV lenses? On July 24th Pimax sent out an email with a google form. you had three options: 

  1. Change nothing and keep the 42ppd lens. These will be delivered to you once ready . The users who pre-order and pay the full payment by 7/31 would have this option. (And we will close 42PPD from Aug ). 
  2. Cancel 42ppd lens delivery and get a $30 coupon  instead of the lenses. This coupon can be used with accessories including lighthouse faceplate
  3. Cancel 42ppd lens delivery and upgrade to Wide Fov Lens for a special price of $59 instead of $129.

I chose #3….i have heard nothing since and of course have not received the lenses….anyone else get theirs? Or even email telling them an update?

Some help here please.

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They’re coming, they’re still in development. Update coming soon, please hang on!