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Ive bought 2 pimax headsets from this site but...

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After i bought my original pimax 5k from pimax.com, for sone reason my entire account was deleted, so ive never actually received an original invoice, even though i bought it brand new from this site. I didnt get it from the kickstarter. The only order i see on my account is for the 8kx old which i made when the staff suggested i make a new account. But id rather trade in my 5k than my 8k, so how do i go about getting my receipt?

I still have my 5k in its original box, same with the 8kx.

Id rather trade in my 5k then my 8k which i can use it n my backup on machine.

I recall this was at a stage where you were having trouble with both the site and the forum and would have been in 2016 or sometime there, because i got my 8kx in 2018? I think...

Posted : 20/11/2022 5:39 pm
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Thank you for the feedback sir.
Do you log any ticket to our helpdesk previously? You can create a ticket and contact our customer service staff to handle it for you.

If you need the receipt, you can provide your order information or the email address at the time of booking to our customer service staff and they will help you find your order.

Please kindly let us know, as we will try our best to sort things out.



Posted : 21/11/2022 9:19 am
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I logged a ticket and was told that they lost a lot of data when they went from the old system to the new, which explains my deleted account.. but that also removed the record of my original purchase (not that i could log in to check the process, because it also messed my password up) but the staff were helpful and told me it was paid for and had been sent.

I made a new account in the exact details of my original account when i bought the 8kx and only the 8kx purchase shows there.


So how do i get the invoice that you didnt send me to trade in for the 12kqled? I still have the unit and it works and looks fine and in original box, i even sent the s/n through. I didnt get it from the kickstarter, i got it from this store.

Posted : 22/11/2022 1:34 pm
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  • Thank you for solving this problem. Its nice to actually have an invoice after all these years.. who knew that id need it! lol, im glad i kept it and the box too. It will be a great trade-in!
Posted : 22/11/2022 4:46 pm