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Many requests have been made about how to optimize MS FlightSim 2020 for Pimax headsets and achieve the best frame rates and quality.

In most cases this guide will considerably increase your frame rates while maintaining visual quality.


It’s important to note that MS Flight Sim 2020 is among the most challenging VR titles to run efficiently. The title is largely unoptimized for VR and even older, lower resolution headsets often struggle to achieve over 35 FPS with the latest hardware.

Getting Started

Useful VR Utilities:

  1. FpsVR on SteamVR. This simple application will allow you to measure your performance and accurately optimize it. It’s quite inexpensive and can be used to quickly optimize your entire library of VR software.
    fpsVR on Steam 2

  2. Process Lasso for Windows. This app will make sure MSFS2020 and SteamVR are not operating on the same CPU. This can provide a 5-10% FPS improvement in some cases.
    https://bitsum.com/ 6


(if you don’t plan to upgrade your hardware or alter your components and just want to optimize MSFS2020’s settings skip to the software section of this document. If FS is your primary use then this might act as a guide for some of your future hardware considerations.)

Hardware Considerations

Optimizing Software Settings

Pitool Settings

  1. FOV: Normal
  2. Render Quality: 1.25
  3. Parallel Projections: Enabled
  4. Optional: Smart Smoothing Enabled – this creates some visual artifacts but it’s subjective as some find it noticeable and some are bothered by it.
  • Important Note on Understanding Smart Smoothing: This setting only enables if your sustained FPS in the game is 50% or higher for the target rate. So in Pitool if you have your headset frequency set to 90Hz then SS will only enable at a sustained 46 FPS and if you set the frequency to 60Hz then SS will enable at a sustained 31FPS. If you are not sustaining 50% of your headset frequency setting SS will not function.

Therefore, in most cases for an 8KX you will need to set your headset to 60Hz native mode with Smart Smoothing enabled. If you are not hitting 31FPS then you can disable SS.

SteamVR Settings:

(this image is just to show where to find this menu, please use the settings shown below)

In-App Custom SS Resolution:

  • For a 2080ti+ use Vertical Resolution: 2700
  • For a 3080 or better you can try Vertical Resolution: 3375

MSFS2020 In-Game Settings:

  1. Global Rendering Quality = Medium
  2. Terrain Level of Detail (LOD) = 65
  3. Volumetric Clouds = Low (this yields a large FPS improvement)
  4. Terrain Shadows = Off
  5. Ambient Occlusion = Off
  6. Lights Shafts = Off

(this image is just to show where to find the menu, please use the settings shown in this section)

Other Software Settings:

Coming Soon – more tips and tricks!!

Posted : 16/08/2022 8:22 pm
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Great work on a straightforward and easily to follow step by step guide

Posted : 16/08/2022 11:48 pm
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please test it out with an Elgato capture card for the Pimax 5k display ?

Posted : 23/08/2022 1:18 am
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please test it out with an elgato yes or no please ?

Posted : 26/08/2022 11:37 pm