Finally ! Received Pimax 8K (Backer #141) – By grzvs

  • The wide field of view.
    The field of view is good, I though it would be more inmersive but vertical field of view kill it. I do not recommend anything less than wide field of view, because with medium and narrow you get again the feeling of a dive mask. You can see Distortion besides each side but as it is mentioned you get used to it and you have to do anormal view to see that distortion, eg: it is like trying to see your shoulder without turning your head.

  • SDE.
    It is less noticiable than my 4K. The new pattern (diagonal) you can see it in solid and bright colors.

  • Panels.
    Colors are much better than P4K, there is no color banding or aliassed lines. My 4K has better image clarity,the 8K suffer a little diffuse to match perfect clarity but I have not tested it in high not playable resolutions to clarify it. And :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:, my 8K has some dead pixels (a little spot) but for my good luck it is out of my sweetspot :face_with_monocle: so I have to really look for it to see it.

  • HMD Quality.
    It is well made, solid but those corners edges does not look good to resist a drop. The headstrap is good, it does the job but I believe that the headstrap with headphones (backers goals) should do a better job. The IPD ajusment works really good, The polyester material beetwen the lenses is a fantastic idea as longer it does not cut through, no more nose damage :sweat_smile:.

  • Installation.
    I did not have any kind of problems; unistalled previous Piplay used for P4K. Detection was smooth, config within Pitools room setup and started Steam VR inside Pitools and config room again. Not really shure about resolutions shows in steam VR with Pitools render at 1.0 and wide FOV, numbers are really high. The problem I had is with Nolo VR, detection and compatibily is good, but positioning is really bad. Need to keep looking about it.

There still need more testing on it but to start I can say that Pimax 8K did what I expected.

Thanks again Pimax. Now waiting for my backers goals !!! :sunglasses:

Some Pics…



Father and Son.



The new Family member … Welcome Home. :heart_eyes:



Greats Lenses. :face_with_monocle:

See you later.

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