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Pimax manufactures the best VR headsets & high-end VR equipment. We have offices in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Hong Kong, and San Jose, and attend several large events throughout the year. But we want to give our fans and customers more opportunities to experience our products offline before purchasing.

This is why we need your business! Sign up as a Pimax Experience Center, and with our support give future and present Pimaxians around the world a fantastic experience.

Why your company should sign-up:

  • Attract Pimax fans to come to your store
  • A fantastic offline VR experience
  • Get promoted on Pimax’s channels

Pimax will provide:

  • VR devices at great prices to display and demo, and to resell with profitable margins
  • Promotional materials for all products, and provide training
  • The Experience Center is presented as an authorized partner of Pimax, and the location and opening times will be displayed on the official website and channels of Pimax
Adorama in New York
VR Days in Rotterdam
Community event in Paris
With Newegg in Los Angeles
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Our two main products going into 2023

Pimax Crystal

Pimax Portal

How to sign up

Send an email to business@pimax.com or use the form beneath.