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Pimax 5K Super


  • 5K HD resolution
  • 200° FOV Fresnel lenses
  • Up to 180Hz ultra-high refresh rate
  • SteamVR 1.0/2.0 tracking supported
  • Comfortable, ergonomic design
5K Super
SMAS Edition
Sword Kit
Includes 2 Sword controllers & 2 base stations
Player Kit
Only available in EU and United States(ship within 3-4 weeks)
Includes 2 Knuckles controllers & 2 base stations
Purchase a Pimax headset can get $20 off with a Sword controller.
Audio Earphones
Includes 2 High-fidelity earphones
VR Beginner Package
Includes 5 random accessories: 4.5M Cable For USB Models,
VR Comfort Kit, Silicone Protective Sleeve, Face Foam For Comfort Kit.
Hand Tracking Module
Silicone Protective Sleeve


  • I usually do stationary VR with a HOTAS or steering wheel and pedals, do I need base stations for playing sim games with these? What do I need Base Stations for?

    No, you don’t require base stations to play stationary, seated VR experiences such as simulators. The headset can be set into 9-axis tracking mode for non-room scale games that don’t need walking around or VR controllers, but they can improve tracking.
    Games which require room scale and moving your arms, such as Beat Saber, require the use of base stations and controllers.

  • I see 200 degrees diagonal field of view claimed, but what is the horizontal FOV?

    Horizontal field of view goes up to 170 degrees, while vertical is about 115, but it can change slightly depending on your IPD.


  • Does this headset have an OLED display?

    This headset uses out latest LCD displays and not OLED.

  • Is this a standalone headset, like the Quest 2, or does it require being connected to a PC? Can I use a non-Windows OS?

    No, this isn’t a standalone headset, and you must use Windows. The 5K Super is designed for use with a Windows 10 or 11 PC via the included cable.

    Recommended PC Specs are:
    OS: Windows 10 or 11
    GPU: 1080TI or above
    CPU: Intel i5-9400 or above
    RAM: 8GB or more
    Output: USB 3 port and DisplayPort 1.4


  • Does this headset include controllers?

    No, this headset does not include controllers or base stations. If you do not have compatible SteamVR controllers or base stations already, you can buy our Sword or Player kit to get them.

  • Can I use prescription lenses or glasses with the 5K Super?

    Yes, you can use prescription lenses with the 5K Super as there is room for them. You can also use glasses as the face foam and housing is designed to accommodate them. It is recommended to use the thicker, 15mm facial interface with glasses


  • Are the KDMAS and DMAS headphones compatible with the 5K Super?

    Yes, you can buy the KDMAS or DMAS headphones on their own to add yourself or with the headstrap. We have a video guide on how to install the KDMAS and DMAS here.


  • What controllers work with the 5K Super?

    The 5K Super is compatible with all SteamVR tracking controllers, which include the HTC Vive Wands, Valve Index controllers, or Pimax Sword controllers.


  • What IPD range does the 5K Super support?

    The 5K Super supports 60-70mm hardware IPD via an adjustment knob on the bottom right of the housing and an additional plus or minus 2mm via software adjustments.


  • Does the 5K Super come in black?

    No, just dark blue.


Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Better than Valve Index. FOV is the most important thing in VR

Why everybody compare valve index to rift s but nobody compare it to pimax 5k super?

Oculus rift s is a toy. Small FOV, low res, big SDE, 80Hz refresh. Good price.

Valve index with small FOV, just a little bit bigger than oculus is a huge disappointment. Pimax 5k super when you set small FOV option is still bigger than valve index!!! Also pimax has better screen door effect, better resolution and no god ray.

If comfort is more important than image quality then valve index is better option. if you care about clear image, huge FOV and no SDE then pimax 5k super is the best for you.

Refresh rate also pimax 5k super is number one. I really love the 144Hz and 160/180Hz.

I'm a gamer and I care about top quality image. Outside details are not important for me. Already returned valve index and pimax 5k super is my number one HMD.

Advice for the future: get valve knuckles only and pair them with pimax. Great experience!!!

Great product!

I’ve always used VR for sim racing, but have had problems with a lack of field of view, even causing accidents where someone was in my blind spot.

Even at 120hz, this headset gives a wide field of view, and I can now fight with others a lot closer whilst being able to see them in the corner of my eye.

Steve Ed
Perfect FOV

I had the HP Reverb G2 and the index. Both are great headsets but the FOV is just so good once you've tried it out. The HMD isn't too heavy. The only downside is the audio but your about to upgrade if you want or wear your own headphones. Overall a great headset!

Walker streeter
A Great Headset

I love this headset. it seats on my head perfectly I love the 180HZ its perfect for beat saber and FPS games.

Great Option for VR Gaming

This headset is is great. I upgraded to this HMD after a few years of having an HTC Vive and man I was not disappointed when I used it. The high FOV and the fast refresh rates that they advertise all really translate into a better VR experience hands down. Only reason why I haven't given it 5 stars is because their software support for AMD GPUs is a little lacking. Features like Smart Smoothing and DFR don't work in their Pitools software and if you enable Smart Smoothing with AMD GPU, all it does is destroy the image quality. There are a few other bugs in the software that are not related to having an AMD GPU too, that are a little annoying but these features not working doesn't stop you from having a good experience still, they're just things that would be nice to have but you can just ignore them till they fix. Their software support team is responsive and seem like they do seem like they want to fix these issues but they have their hands full, I assume they are a small team so I would give them a pass.....for now lol. If you're on the fence about getting this HMD, I'd say go for it, especially if you have an Nvidia GPU, these HMDs are GREAT, I have a Radeon 6700XT and I'm having a good time with it!