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Pimax Client Issue
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Pimax Client Issue

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Good day everyone,

yesterday i received my Pimax 8KX. I’ve installed the Pimax Client from your site, and i can’t go through the initial screen when it asks the email, where you have bought the set and the order number, that’s because the impossibility to resize the screen itself. Basically the screen showed is very small, and i can’t resize it, so i can’t see the fields where to write. if you don’t go through the screen, you can’t use the client, so i’m stuck.

I’ve solved installing the “old” pi-tool 277; where it shows the same screen but in the correct size, so you can write all the stuff asked and then you can go through.

Any idea to solve this? i would like to use the lastest Pimax Client; i’ve downloaded it from the official site, lastest version available.

Thank you in advance,

Have a nice day.


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Dear @DiegoCola

We are aware of your needs and situation, and in order to help you better, we recommend you to submit a ticket online through our website, so that our professional technical CS can help you better.

All you need to do is to prepare a detailed description of the equipment (it would be helpful to have a picture of the fault) and submit your problem on this website: https://support.pimax.com/en/support/tickets/new

Mit freundlichen Grüßen.