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SMAS, KDMAS, compatible GPU, help with that please

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Presales Support has been ignoring all my messages all day, so I’ll try to copy my question and wait for a response here.

I have GPU AMD Radeon XT 6700. If i buy that https://pimax.com/product/outlet-8k-x/ (SMAS edition) and that https://pimax.com/product/kdmas-earphones/ i get 8k x kdmas?  And it will work with my gpu, right? and on this page https://pimax.com/8kx-compatible/ i see compatible for dmas and kdmas, where is compatible for SMAS?

Hope someone can help me as soon as possible. I want to order already, this will be my first vr headset and I don’t quite understand them.

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Dear IhorPauls,


Sorry for the late reply due to the holiday.

8KX DMAS is not compatible with AMD GPUs and laptops, while 8KX KDMAS version supports AMD graphics cards. And the SMAS version is the original version. It has the same compatibility information as the KDMAS version.

If you are still worried that your device cannot match the operation, you can contact our technical support customer service at any time, they will be glad to help you.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen.