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Motion compensation vs. "inside out" head tracking

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With “outside in” head tracking “lighthouses” are required in order to have 6dof head tracking. Due to the rotating parts inside of them, they can’t be mounted on a moving platform, so they are stationary. That, in turn, calls for motion compensation (at least for platforms that have a large motion range). I was wondering if “inside out” tracking could help here. On an open platform (i.e. no enclosure) it would see both the stationary background (which, from the headset’s point of view would be “moving”) and the moving platform (which it would preceive as “stationary”). That might cause some confusion. Fully enclosing the platform, so that the headset sees only movements of the head relative to the platform could be a solution, without requiring motion compensation. However, fully enclosing the platform might be hard to do.
I’m wondering whether headsets using “inside out” tracking (like the new PIMAX Crystal) can be switched from “markerless” to “marker-based” mode. In the latter case one could place the markers on the moving platform and the headset would see only the movements relative to the platform, completely removing the need for motion compensation.

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I have thought of this as well and I’m very curious. Have you had any feedback yet?