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Kinda disappointed
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Kinda disappointed

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Hello,so,i saw that the pimax 5k and 8k are out of stock,and the disappointing part is that i can’t buy on the outlet store because its only for US and JP,i wanted to buy a new pimax 5k,but yeah i can’t (i am from italy basically)



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Dear CallmeLeo,

We are sorry that the temporary out of stock has caused you trouble.
You can contact our after-sales customer service team and explain your situation, our CS team will endeavour to help you!

Mit freundlichen Grüßen.

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You looking for a 5k or 5k Super? I have a 5k I’m selling as I’ll be upgrading once the 12k comes out if your interested. It’s in perfect condition. I’m in the states as well so could get it to you fairly quickly. Have the unit, a case, controllers, and the steam base station units.