Die ersten Eindrücke der ersten Nutzer von Crystal

Even though we can’t give an exact date yet, the Pimax Crystal is about to ship worldwide to everyone. (You can pre-order it here). The first 15 users have already received their headsets, albeit without 42 PPD lenses and some software features. These testers are recruited to test out the Crystal, and report on what is working well and what needs to be tweaked or downright fixed. 15 of these testers are in China, which is a convenient test group as it’s closer in physical distance and the same timezone as the engineers working on both the hardware & software. (15 test users outside of China will get their Crystal really soon as well.) Let’s see what they think.

Videos mit dem Objektiv



Es gibt einige Crystal Unboxing-Bilder und Videos aus der Testgruppe.

Crystal Unboxing Video - mit Lao Fan


Das Bildmaterial

The Crystal’s main benefit over other headsets is the clarity of the visuals. The panels of Crystal utilize a horizontal resolution of 5760 pixels, 2880 pixels vertical. All users are surprised by the visual performance.   Die asphärischen Glaslinsen bieten dem Benutzer ein neues Niveau an Farben, Kontrast und ein verzerrungsfreies Bild: Um den Nutzern das beste Farberlebnis zu bieten, enthält das Crystal einen HDR-Algorithmus, der es dem Headset ermöglicht, sein hohes Kontrastverhältnis und den genauen Farbraum voll auszunutzen! Die Farbe ist für die Testgruppe beeindruckend!   In order to demonstrate the advantages of Crystal visual effects, H-Misaki made a comparison video that you can watch on Bilibili.   A Skyrim modder is also one of the testers, and he said that the clarity and color of Crystal are really impressive when playing Skyrim, Kayak VR, and Half-Life. Here are through-the-lens pictures shot with his iPhone14: Fotos aus Half-Life: Alex von Wenzp:


Crystal can also run OpenXR applications with the PimaxXR software made by mbucchia. (PimaxXR is an OpenXR runtime for Pimax headsets, it allows you to run OpenXR applications without SteamVR.)  

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