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Delivery Notice For Users Who Purchase Lighthouse Faceplate. Sep. 21st.

Currently, the performance of the Pimax Lighthouse Faceplate with two V2.0 base stations is very reliable and offers an outstanding VR experience. For those customers who use V2.0 base stations their orders can be shipped immediately after they confirm the versions of their base stations to the Pimax team.

As for a V1.0 base station, during the beta test, some users experienced issues when the Lighthouse Faceplate compatibility was not stable. To avoid inconvenience, Pimax team strongly suggests that those users who currently have a V1.0 base station wait a few more weeks until the Lighthouse Faceplate compatibility issue with the V1.0 base stations is resolved.

Please note, that by default, there need to be two units of V2.0 base station for optimal compatibility with Lighthouse Faceplate.

To confirm the status of your order, please submit the following form:

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