Pimax Crystal reviews

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Pimax Crystal reviews

Pimax has a long history of releasing VR headsets. This started with the 4K in 2016, followed up with the 8K in 2017 and the Crystal in 2023. All of these products received extensive hardware reviews, even from top media such as Linus Tech Tips. Now the Pimax Crystal is out and here we share some of the top reviews.

Pimax Crystal reviews

Digital Trends Pimax Crystal Review

Alan Truly from Digital Trends, one of the leading tech news websites with tens of millions of monthly readers, tested the Crystal:
"In many ways, it’s a throwback to an older era of VR headsets, requiring a powerful gaming PC to take full advantage of its capabilities. ~ This VR headset made me never want to go back to my Quest 2."

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Grim Reapers Crystal review

This YouTube channel reviewed the Pimax Crystal in DCS: "The only word I can use when I first put the headset on is "Wow". I mean seriously, Wow. Almost like the first time I used VR, there's no way to describe how insanely good the visuals are compared to any other VR headset I've used before. It's sharp, super clear."

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Dan Suzuki's Pimax Crystal review

This German simracing YouTuber reviewed the Pimax Crystal, and said: "With this visual quality. My issue with VR in the past is that it's the graphics didn't look as nice. But now with this resolution, everything is so crystal clear. Crystal clear.. get it? I would definitely switch to that."

GBATemp Crystal review

"Even in the SteamVR lobby, the sharpness of the image quality is apparent. It definitely delivers the crispest VR visuals I’ve experienced. The QLED display makes colors pop, details are highlighted on the native 2800*2800 resolution and, together with its high refresh rate, really add to the immersive experience."

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User reviews

You'll find several user reviews online. Here's a user who received his Pimax Crystal, on Reddit mentions "Games like Jedi Fallen Order, Sackboy, Horizon Zero Dawn, Hogwarts Legacy, and the Resident Evil games look amazing and I finally don't feel like I'm losing out on detail compared to playing them on a 4k tv/monitor."

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