Pimax Progress Update - May 31

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Pimax Progress Update - May 31

Today in our Progress Update:

Pimax Progress Updates is our bi-weekly column in which we share important bits for Pimaxians. For questions or comments, reach out to a Pimax representative on Discord, or contact us via our support page.

Crystal Light is shipping, check your shipping status

It's happening. We're extremely excited about the first batch of the Pimax Crystal Light having shipped out, bringing high-end PCVR to VR users around the world.

We're adding the finishing touches to a lot of things: Setup guides, product manuals, service and shipping protocols, and so much more. The key milestones are that we've both done the Alpha and Beta tests, and have started mass production, with the first batch having shipped out last week (as mentioned in our Frontier keynote). Scroll down for more photos and detailed descriptions from our factory.

You can check your shipping status on this page. Purchase your Crystal Light here.

State-of-the-art VR factory

Pimax owns its own factory. We do not delegate or outsource production in batches to a third party, but do everything in-house. This allows us to control all facets of the assembly.

The Pimax factory has a huge assembly area and a 'Class 100' dust-free room (meaning less than 100 particles per cubic foot of air), in which we can assemble the lenses and the lens frames. There's also a production line for packaging, a warehouse for logistics, and a small office to manage production.

Boxes waiting for shipment (in each box are three Crystal Lights)

Crystal Lights ready for packaging
Parts for assembly
Headsets and controllers during the assembly
Quality control testing in the factory (each headset is tested)
The lens and lens frame in the 'Class 100 dust-free room'

How the Crystal Light is made - from the Pimax Factory


Roadshow ongoing

The Crystal Light is on a roadshow in Europe and Japan, and soon will be going through the United States as well. Several reviews have already been posted, such as by Reinhard, MRTV, Nici, NewVRTechDE, and Lasertag Arena. See our Roadshow page to see the schedule and register.


Quadviews enabled for Crystal Light

The Crystal Light — despite not having eye-tracking — is compatible with quadviews. Quadviews is an extremely efficient rendering technique that greatly enhances FPS and clarity in games like Pavlov and DCS.

For more info, see Mbucchia's Github page about Quadviews.

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