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Best VR movies (2023)


VR movies are a relatively new form of entertainment that allows viewers to experience a story in a fully immersive and interactive way. Unlike traditional movies, VR movies are designed to be experienced through a VR headset, which allows the viewer to explore the environment and interact with the characters in the story. What’s more,…

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The best (and scariest) VR Horror games

Warning! These VR horror experiences are not for the faint of heart! Enter at your own risk and prepare for a hair-raising, heart-pounding adventure! Preview of the List 1 Resident Evil 7: Biohazard VR 2 Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul 3 Phasmophobia 4 GTFO 5 Dreadhalls 6 Killing Floor Incursion 7 Lost in Abyss 8…

VR Locomotion: How People Move in VR

vr locomotion

What is VR Locomotion? Locomotion in virtual reality (VR) is all about how people move around in the virtual worlds they experience through VR technology. Just like in the real world, we walk, run, or use various methods to get from one place to another. In VR, locomotion is about replicating or simulating these movements…

What is a Dollhouse View: Your house in 3D

Dollhouse View

Dollhouse is not only a toy that shows a child’s imagination and play, but also a dollhouse view is a unique experience that will help users to view someone’s property in 3D. It is a new way to showcase any property in an accurate way. Here is an example of an Airbnb Treehouse in Matterport….

Pose Tracking Methods: Outside-in VS Inside-out Tracking in VR

In the context of virtual reality (VR), pose tracking refers to the process of accurately capturing the movement and position of the user’s head, hands, and body to create a realistic and immersive experience. There are two primary methods of tracking used in VR: outside-in tracking and inside-out tracking. Let’s explore each of them. What’s…

Degrees of Freedom: 3-DoF vs 6-DoF in VR

3-DoF vs 6-DoF in VR

What is Degrees of Freedom? In VR, degrees of freedom (DOF) refers to the number of independent ways in which a user can move within the virtual environment. It describes the level of freedom and immersion that a VR system can provide. In short, while 3 DOF allows you to look around, 6 DOF allows…

Wie reinigt man das VR-Headset?

How to clean the VR headset

Virtual reality headsets are a fantastic way to immerse yourself in a digital world and have an incredible experience. However, like any other device, VR headsets need regular maintenance to function correctly and maintain optimal performance. In this blog post, we’ll go over the steps to clean your VR headset safely and effectively. Why is…