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Why does the Pimax Crystal have an XR2 chip, even for PCVR?

Online several users wondered why the Pimax Crystal comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 chip, because if you would just want to use it for PCVR, why use this chip? Also because one of the XR2 requirements is that the energy comes from a battery.

Actually, the XR2 chip also has benefits if you want to use the Crystal just for PCVR.

For Pimax, the Crystal is all about being the best wirelesss-PCVR headset with incredible clarity. The XR2 chip helps us achieve this. For customers, it’ll be amazing to have wireless-PCVR with unrivaled image quality, and that’s what we want to provide.

The XR2 chip is specifically made for Extended Reality (XR), hence its name. And it enables a lot of things, even for PCVR, such as:

  • – 6DOF Headset Tracking and camera control (so you need no base stations)
  • – Camera passthrough capability and real-time image stitching
  • – Controller tracking
  • – Finger tracking on the controllers
  • – Audio equalizer capability
  • – Firmware updates
  • – Headset diagnostics that don’t require a pc
  • – Automatic IPD adjustment
  • – Panel color calibration and control
  • – Some eye-tracking features
  • – Wireless Integration and completely un-tethered PCVR capability

Plus some future accessories require it. Plus the standalone mode.

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