Crystal status update March 29 (footage & info)

The Crystal is nearly ready. Let’s run you through it. 

Most importantly: Pre-order before June 30th to get free DMAS headphones.

Current status

  • We’re testing larger FOV lenses (see video). The lenses have a chip inside them so the headset knows which lens the headset is using.
  • Eye Tracking works (see video). Auto-IPD will be available through an over-the-air update by the end of April.
  • Hand tracking works.
  • Standalone mode works, including see-through mode.
  • We’re working on the Lighthouse cover, see the photo beneath for the current hardware status. The Lighthouse cover is estimated to be released in June, as an optional upgrade.
  • We’re working on the 60G wireless module, and we should have a sample at the end of May, with it being ready for purchase in Q3 this year.
  • Local dimming works, and we will also provide configurations for users to tweak the strength of the dimming effect in the future.

Shipping order

If you (pre-)order a Crystal now, it’ll ship within three months. Plus, if you pre-order before July, you’ll get a free DMAS headphone upgrade.

The latest Pimax Crystal reviews

This month, Sebastian from MRTV visited Pimax in Shanghai. Here you can see how he commented on the Crystal in sim racing (Project Cars 2):

Also, Microsoft Flight Simulator:

Elite Dangerous:

Half-Life Alyx (2080 GPU):

You can also see the high resolution, clarity, and color brightness of the Crystal with these through-the-lens videos, which were shot in the past few weeks:

Another common question we got was “Why does the Crystal have an XR2 chip?”. That is answered in this blog.

Lighthouse cover

Any Portal news?

Yes! The beta testers in mainland China have already received their Portal, and it’s shipping to Kickstarter backers in April, including the VR headset. Also, Sebastian from MRTV got to test the Portal (including VR mode) with Snake, in Shanghai. See his video here: 

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