VRChat plugin for the Pimax Crystal

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VRChat plugin for the Pimax Crystal

VRChat is home to many VR-users, including many Pimaxians. The Crystal has eye-tracking, but it (like other VR headsets) requires a plugin to send the data from your headset to VRChat.

So for this, you need a plugin. Luckily, the heroes at VRFCT (VRCFaceTracking) have us covered. Getting it working isn’t hard and doable within five minutes.

Step 1: Install VRCFT

Install VRCFT first. You can find it here:


Step 2: Download the Pimax Crystal module

then download the module zip.


Step 3: Open the module in VRCFT

Then open VRCFT, go to modules, click the plus button to install other modules, and select the module zip you downloaded.


It should look like this:

You need to open VRCFT every time you use VRChat (if you want eye-tracking enabled).

Final Step: Turn on OSC in VRChat

OSC stands for Open Sound Control. You need to enable it in VRChat.


You’re good to go! For more in-depth instructions, you can visit the VRCFT documentation website: https://docs.vrcft.io/docs/intro

It should look like the eye-tracking demonstrated in this video:

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