Top 10 FPS (shooter) VR Games

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Top 10 FPS (shooter) VR Games

FPS games in VR add visceral, lifelike gunplay and combat as you physically aim, take cover, and manipulate realistic weapons. Playing FPS titles in VR places you inside the action for an unparalleled adrenaline rush. With VR's capacity for maximum immersion, it's no wonder FPS are some of the most popular VR genres.

Here are the top 10 picks for the best FPS VR games that give you the most realistic gunfighting experience. All can be enjoyed with the Pimax Crystal.

FPS shooter VR games

Top 10: Zero Caliber VR

Zero Caliber is the ultimate VR FPS: single player/Co-op campaign, PvP and mod support with 40+ realistic firearms & melee weapons, 100+ unlockable skins, 50+ attachments, realistic physics, progression & more! Immerse yourself in the action, customize your gear and unleash your inner hero!

Top 9: Superhot VR

Time moves only when you do in this unique FPS where you can strategically take on enemies by dodging bullets.

Top 8: Sniper Elite VR

Take calculated long distance shots and stealthily take out enemies in this WW2 shooter set across Italy.


Manipulate objects and use creative tactics in a physics based combat sandbox with a mysterious narrative.


Blast demons with shotguns, rifles, and more in this cartoonish rogue-lite shooter with random levels.

Top 5: Onward

Experience realistic military simulation featuring tactical team-based combat, vehicles, and a wide arsenal of weapons.

Top 4: Contractors

Compete in team-based online matches reminiscent of Call of Duty with many game modes, maps, and realistically modeled guns.

Top 3: Pavlov VR

Enjoy team-based multiplayer FPS action similar to Counter-Strike with many customizable game modes and workshop maps.

Top 2: Half-Life: Alyx

Return to City 17 in Valve's critically acclaimed Half-Life prequel built for VR. Engage in combat, solve puzzles, and explore with gravity gloves.


Half-Life: Alyx is indeed a classic, but we shouldn't be mired in the past - let's look at the new hot title BONELAB! BONELAB is an experimental physics action game. Explore a mysterious lab filled with weapons, enemies, challenges and secrets. Escape your reality, or wreak havoc. No wrong answers.

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