Pimax Crystal FOV

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Pimax Crystal FOV

Pimax Crystal has the highest clarity and pixel amount of any consumer VR headset on the market right now. Its FOV is not as big as the Pimax 8KX, but still larger than nearly all other VR headsets on the market, both vertical as well as horizontal FOV (Field of view).

The Crystal comes standard with a 35 PPD lens, as well as an optional big FOV lens that increases FOV.

Specs for each (we’ll go into more detail below);

Lens FOV PPD Material
Default lens 130°(Diag) 115°(H) 105°(V) 35 (Center) Glass
Big FOV lens To be confirmed 35 (Center, smaller sweetspot) Glass

Standard 35 PPD lens FOV

The standard lens of the Pimax Crystal has an FOV of 130° diagonal, 115° horizontal, and 105° vertical. We think this satisfies the need for most users, also because the edge-to-edge clarity is really high at 35 PPD. With 2880x2880 pixels per eye, say goodbye to pixelated visuals and the annoying "screen-door effect." Enjoy razor-sharp images and lifelike textures that bring the virtual world to life like never before.

130°(Diag)115°(H)105°(V) FOV, the standard 35PPD lenses still provide larger FOV than nearly all VR headsets on the market right now. (Of course, not as big as the Pimax 5K and 8K series).

Pimax = FOV

At Pimax, our reputation has been built on our wide field-of-view headsets, ranging from the 5K to 8K series, with an industry-leading 200° diagonal FOV.

With the development of Crystal from the ground up, we prioritized delivering the sharpest, clearest, and most vibrant image possible. As Yan Feng mentioned in his letter to Pimax, VR headsets often have to choose between resolution and FOV, although the Crystal still provides large FOV (as well as the highest pixel amount of any consumer VR headset on the market right now).

Big FOV lens

With the new optional wide FOV lens, the Pimax Crystal maintains remarkable clarity with an impressive 35PPD at the center, although the sweetspot is smaller than with the default 35PPD lens. At the same time, we have managed to increase the FOV by a noticeable margin, announcing final specs soon.

The bigger FOV lenses were first shown in March (https://youtu.be/XlTuF2Gx8ek) and we have made significant improvements to them since. The Big FOV lens will be available for purchase on our webstore soon for a price of $159.

Please note that FOV varies from person to person, based on factors such as face shape, eye position, and the foam used.

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