Best Virtual Reality MMO’s

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Best Virtual Reality MMO’s

Gone are the days of flat screens and clunky controls. VR MMOs offer incredible adventures and vibrant communities. Whether you're a quest-loving hero, a competitive warrior, or just looking to hang out, there's a perfect VR world for you. So, buckle up your headset and prepare to step into the unknown!

MMOs — or MMORGP's (Massively multiplayer online roleplaying games) incorporate some of the best of what VR has to offer. Virtual Reality takes us to new worlds and lets us experience totally new things, and VR MMOs take that further, and let us experience that with more friends.

The beauty of VR MMOs lies in their sheer diversity. Whether you crave epic fantasy quests, pulse-pounding PvP battles, or laid-back social interactions, there's a game tailor-made for you. Let's delve into some of the hottest genres currently captivating players.

Ilysia VR

The Enchanting Embrace of Fantasy

  • - Zenith: The Last City: Ascend to towering heights in this action-packed anime-inspired world. Team up with friends to conquer monstrous foes, explore vibrant landscapes, and leave your mark on this ever-expanding realm.
  • - OrbusVR: Reborn: Immerse yourself in a sprawling world brimming with magic and mystery. Join guilds, undertake perilous quests, and forge lasting friendships in this classic RPG experience brought to life in VR.
  • - Asgard's Wrath 2: Unleash your inner Viking warrior in this brutal and immersive combat simulator. Master devastating weapons, crush your enemies, and claim your place among the legends of Norse mythology.

Zenith: The Last City

Where Competition Fuels the Flame:

  • - Ilysia VR: Craft your legend in this vast open world teeming with danger and opportunity. Tame mythical mounts, master powerful skills, and dominate the PvP landscape in this ambitious VR MMO.
  • - Quest Together: Teamwork and strategy reign supreme in this cooperative puzzle-solving adventure. Navigate treacherous dungeons, crack cryptic riddles, and emerge victorious alongside your comrades. Unlike the name may suggest, this is also available for PCVR.

Quest Together

Beyond Combat: Building and Socializing in Virtual Worlds:

  • - VRChat: More than a game, it's a virtual hangout! Dress up, explore user-created worlds, and connect with people from around the globe.
  • - Rec Room: From paintball battles to murder mysteries, Rec Room offers endless activities and a thriving community.

Non-VR MMO's you can actually play in VR

World of Warcraft with VorpX

Final Fantasy 14

Video about Zenith VR, going in detail about VR MMO's:

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