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The Pimax REALITY 12K QLED Trade-in Program Update Bulletin

Since our announcement for the new Pimax Reality 12K QLED we are receiving many requests about the upcoming Pimax headset trade-in program and the policies that we will use. First, we are grateful and excited there is so much interest in this new headset and wish to thank you for your continued support in pushing […]

About Pimax 12K QLED Trade-In Program fully details

Trade-in Value and which headsets are eligible: Any Pimax headset sold from Pimax-approved sales channels. These must be businesses and cannot be purchased directly from individuals. Trade-in value is what you paid for the only the headset itself. If the audio strap came pre-installed the price with the audio is used. Accessories, shipping charges, fees, […]

Mystery Box! Merry Christmas

🎄Finally, Reindeer and Santa coming to town once again, the moment we can all forget about the bad moments, celebrate with your family, your loved one. To celebrate the special moments of the year. Pimax decided to bring back the beloved mystery box, and this time we going to level it up. The Christmas Mystery […]

Pimax sponsor iRacing 2022-S1 tournament Dallara Dash Series

How excited we are! The first time we are joining hands with the beloved racing game iRacing this time. Let the Racing fans know about us, and show the racing enthusiast what we can provide in your special virtue driving experienceThe Pimax iRacing Dallara Dash Series initially started on Dec.14. For every driver intending to […]

Pimax Receives USD$20M Series B Funding

New investors join to share the Pimax dream – pushing the boundaries of Virtual Reality. October 18th, 2020 — Pimax, a prominent VR hardware manufacturer dedicated to R&D and manufacturing of consumer and commercial Virtual Reality devices has successfully received $20M (USD) Series-B funding, announced at World Conference on VR Industry 2020 (WCVRI 2020). Pimax […]

The Pimax Controller’s first post!

Good News! We have hit another important milestone in the development of the Sword controller and we have reached the final development stage. We are currently testing all the design elements which include stress and other tests for the housings, PCB, electrical components and more. Here are some images of a recent sample : Here are some additional details:(expect more […]

Pimax NOW – The Vision 8K X is Shipping!

The Pimax NOW Event is brought to you by the Pimax team presenting the latest news and updates regarding the Pimax 8KX shipping, release dates and more! During Pimax Now, we are revealing the current progress of Pimax VISION 8KX, Pimax Artisan Limited Edition, all Pimax VR accessories and also all about the new “Pimax […]

Pimax 5k+ review: Impressions and Measurements

Before I write a review of Pimax 5k+ I have to make it clear that I had almost all the VR headsets, starting with the LG G3 and Homido phone, and then all the PC headsets (Deepoon e2/e3, Pimax 4k, Oculus DK2/CV1, HTC Vive+DAS, Lenovo Explorer, Dell Visor, Samsung Odyssey, Samsung Odyssey+) as well as […]