8KX Logistic Advisory

8KX Shipments to successfully ship by September 30th

Yep you heard that right…

We are excited to inform you that our daily 8KX headset shipments have continued to hit 80-100 headsets per day! Shipments are much more efficient and running smoothly. With the clock winding down and only a short time before October begins only 352 headset shipments remain (this includes backers, upgrades and pre-orders).

Vision 8K X is Shipping

We are extremely excited to consider that there are thousands of new 8KX users enjoying the VR world with their new flagship headsets. For those of you who have already received your new 8KX we are making a plan to invite you to give your valuable reviews on our Forums so we can continue to improve and learn from the things we got right and things we got wrong.

If you haven’t yet received your tracking number for your 8KX order please check your inbox/junk mail as we probably have been trying to contact you. Our support members are actively leaving messages resolve shipping issues to avoid any problems that may delay your order.

For those of you who are located within the Russian Federation we are currently negotiating with EMS to ship parcels as our wise community suggested FedEx isn’t a effective shipment avenue to that region. At the same time, we are talking with our partner warehouses located in Russia so that they can act as a backup courier on an as needed basis.

Vision 8K X is Shipping

Finally, we are sorry delays that have occurred for the 8KX shipments. We sincerely apologize on behalf of our support team who were unable to immediately respond to your tickets and provide updated order status. Customers with orders understandably wanted clear information about their shipments but this overwhelmed our resources. We absolutely understand the reasons that have created some negative voices out there, but we do hope to maintain a friendly community where users can enjoy the VR sharing their tips, experiences, and advice.

While over recent weeks we didn’t manage to execute a perfect plan you should know that every effort we could think of was made to try to process these orders as fast as possible and did our best. We sincerely hope there are some out there who can give some kudos to our support and logistic teams because they pulled out the stops to get this done by the end of this month.


As Always Thank You Greatly for your Support!
Your Pimax Team

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