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Sword Controller

The Sword of Virtual Reality

The Sword Controller is Pimax’s well-designed newest VR controller. 

From the beginning, we designed the Pimax Sword controller to literally be wielded like a fencing sword. Over the last 2 years, we listened to feedback from countless users and implemented many changes over the development of these controllers.

And here we are, the long wait sword controller is finally here
Sword controller


  • New Ergonomic Design, Smoother Experience
  • The new Sword includes an enhanced grip with an easy-to-use ergonomic design, allowing users to reduce human errors and increase comfort.


  • Precise positioning
  • The first time through all industry 52 optical positioning chips are used. 0.3mm positioning accuracy is fully compatible with the Steam hardware ecosystem
  • Environmentally-friendly coating, enhanced texture (Stunning new soft coating)
  • The surface of the new handle adopts a special environmentally friendly coating, which will not affect the accuracy of positioning, enhance the texture, and reduce accidental slippage caused by strenuous movement, allowing users to get a better hand feeling experience.
Sword controller
  • Excellent key structure design

  • The new Sword controller adds menu button, home button, grip button and also trigger button. In addition put a trackpad in the thumb position, giving better gaming experience. It also fits in with every mainstream platform game. 50,000 keystrokes aging test,great rebound feedback. Ultra using experience
  • Strap attaches desgin
  • A fabric strap attaches to the controller that attaches the Sword directly to the user’s hands. Users can reach out with their hands fully and completely relax without worrying about the controllers slipping away from your hands.
Sword controller
  • Changeable Battery Design, Never need to worry about low battery alert
  • Different from other controllers, the Pimax Sword controller allows you to hot-swap the battery without losing the connection. Our dual replaceable lithium battery design allows continuous gameplay experiences with no worries about a low battery ruining your experience.

And Sword controller is also compatible with majority headsets in the market

Sword controller

Pimax Sword controller is available for purchasing now

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